Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tried it Tuesday: Reading Buddies


Today  I am linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for her Tried it Tuesday Linky! The thing I tried this week was something I'm sure you all have tried plenty of times before, whats that... Reading Buddies... 

As a Kindergarten Teacher I never had any big kids come read to my babies...  So as a third grade teacher I said that I wanted to set up reading buddies with my students and one of the Kindergarten Classes. Well...with coming to a new grade level I just havent found the time for that... lol... '

Then with all of the snow days that we have had, My friend Desiree from Kinders on the Block decided that she wanted to have mystery readers come down and read to her class. I thought what better time to have my whole class come down and partner up with one of the Kindergarten babies in her room.

Needless to say, both of the Kindergarten babies and the third grade babies really enjoyed doing this. You can check out my big babies below reading to their new Kindergarten friends.

I love this picture here, because my third grader she was so excited to go down to Kindergarten. And she really thought about her audience when making book selections. They didn't know who they would be paired up with, so she two books, one suitable for a girl and the other that would be good for a boy.
This picture right here is the sweetest of all of them all to me... and here is why. My Third grade buddy in this picture gravitated right two his new Kindergarten friend... He said as soon as we walked in there "I want to work with him" and I said ok... Actually I was going to pair those two up anyway. They have similar behavior... you can take that anyway you want to...lol... and I thought it was good for him... and My third grade friend went in and took the leadership role and just wanted to teach him everything that he knew... and I was great with it... because the boy knows a lot... So it truly touched my heart to see them working together.

 Lastly, I loved doing this because it was good for grade levels. After the book was over and my third grade friends were just kind of sitting there, I  prompted them to ask their kindergarten friend questions about the book, and just to lead an overall discussion about the book. So it helped my students who need major help with comprehension. They had to really dig deep into the material to help their Kindergarten friend to understand. Not surprising I did have some kindergarten students that were able to help my lower babies.

All in all it was great for everybody!

Do you do reading buddies in your school????


  1. Aww that's so cute! Thanks for posting the pics.:)

  2. No Problem!!!!! Thanks for having us down... We should do it again... After SOLs... LOL!